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The chance of a lifetime to work alongside professional designers and builders implementing a truly regenerative homestead 

Educational offerings


  • large range of natural building techniques and design methods


  • organic market garden planning, maintenance, and harvesting


  • daily operations and management of a profitable permaculture farm


  • planning and implementation of swales, ponds, and other water harvesting systems

workshop management

  • opportunities to assist on a range of permaculture and natural building workshops

permaculture based business management

  • Financial management and considerations for permaculture oriented business models

regenerative lifestyle design

  • Step by step guidance on designing and implementation of your own regenerative lifestyle model

coaching for personal projects

  • personalized coaching for your own building and land based projects


$200 per month ($600 total) for educational costs and teaching hours

Housing and meal plans offered at the Bambu Guesthouse at a discounted rate of Q80 per night and Q40 per meal at their organic, farm to table restaurant.

Or, free camping on the homestead site


We intend to start work early each day in order to avoid the heat of the afternoon. 0700 till noon ideally.

5 hours of work 5 days a week

1 hour of lessons or coaching each day

Showing up on time during the week, ready to work

Participation as a team member during the work day


  • work clothes

  • note books

  • pens or pencils

  • gloves

  • water bottles

  • sunscreen

  • any necessary medication or supplements

Due to the nature of the projects and the duration, we will give first priority to students who are able to complete the full three months.

The apprenticeship is designed to be a full immersion into the initial implementation of a professionally designed regenerative small scale demonstration farm here in one of the most diverse and abundant bio-regions in the world. The highlands of Guatemala. Though the weather is mild, the sun can be very strong at this elevation and apprentices are expected to look after their own health needs.

FYI: There may be job opportunities or paid contract work available to qualified apprentices at the end of the program. These are not guaranteed and are dependent on the performance of the student and the availability of such projects at the time of completion of the program

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Are you able to commit to the full duration from the end of Jan to the end of April 2018?