An intimate peek into the world of bees with Christy Hemenway, the author of "The Thinking Beekeeper:" 059

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The world of honey bees has always been a mystery to me. I feel confident taking care of plants, animals, building and even fungi, but bees? In todays interview I spoke with one of the most outspoken advocates of beekeeping Christy Hemenway, found of Gold Star Honey Bees and author of the book “The Thinking Beekeeper: a guide to natural beekeeping in top bar hives.”

In this interview Christy introduced me to the way that bees have been managed at an industrial level and some of the many nuanced causes of colony collapse disorder. She also goes in depth about the many benefits that bees have for our environment and agriculture that go far beyond honey production, and wraps up by giving some invaluable advice on how to start and manage your own home scale hive. Christy has tons of great resources including a great TEDx talk she gave a few years back 


Get the book, "The Thinking Beekeeper"

Christy's TEDx talk

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