The joys and realities of growing your own food at home, with Crystal Stevens, author of "Your Edible Yard:" 115

The joys and realities of growing your own food at home, with.png

Continuing with this month’s focus on fixing the food system, I wanted to go back to basics and discuss the practicalities and challenges of growing your own food with just a modest sized yard. I reached out to Crystal Stevens who is an author, an artist/art teacher, a folk herbalist, a regenerative farmer, and a Permaculturist.

She is the author of two award-winning books, Grow Create Inspire, and Worms at Work. And is also releasing a new book with New Society publishers yearly next year called Your Edible Yard.

I this interview I spoke with Crystal about her learning experiences in growing her own food in a few different environments. She also goes in depth about the practicalities of time investment, tools and equipment, and maintenance and planting schedules. We discuss how realistic it is for someone working full time and with only a small yard to produce a meaningful amount of their own food, and share stories of the unexpected joys that make gardening much more of a pleasure than extra work.


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