Cultivating "silver branch perception" and reviving indigenous culture with Diarmuid Lyng: 090

Diarmuid Lyng Hurling

For those of you used to the more practical and literal information that I usually focus on in these interviews, you'll be refreshed by the story telling and concepts in this next session. This week, Neal Hegarty interviews countryman Diarmuid Lyng, a former star hurler for the county of Wexford who wrote a compelling article on the concept of "silver branch perception" from Irish mythology and how the traditional sport of hurling is linked to the health of the ash tree from which the "hurley" is made. They also go into how to reconnect with traditional culture and the importance of ritual in the modern context.

This is a great talk for anyone looking to connect with the "why" of environmental stewardship and cultural importance.


A Hurler’s Silver Branch Perception: Article by Diarmuid Lyng

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