DIY kombucha and the delicious world of fermented drinks with author Andrea Potter: 063

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This week we’re getting an in depth look at Kombucha and the world of fermented drinks. I spoke with Andrea Potter, the author of the book DIY Kombucha: Sparkling homebrews made easy. The recent explosion in popularity of this historic beverage comes at a critical time when more and more people are taking back their food making processes and starting to see whole nutritious food as a preventative measure for all kinds of illnesses.

In this interview Andrea talk about the history, health benefits, and fermentation process of Kombucha and more importantly, how you can easily make it at home for yourself. We also talk quite a bit about other types of naturally fermented drinks and recipes for delicious flavors. This is a great episode for those of you looking for new uses of fruits, herbs and flavorings that you grow in your gardens and will hopefully inspire you to get started making your own, so now I’ll turn things over to Andrea


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