Can water pollution be the fuel for its own clean-up? with Doug Lewis from Revive Amatitlan: 103

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Contaminated waterways are one of the most urgent environmental threats that we face and decontamination is often see as too large an investment to be feasible for many small government bodies. That’s why I reached out to Doug Lewis, the principal scientist behind the project “Revive Amatitlan” and pioneer of the revolutionary technology that he hopes will be adopted widely for waterway regeneration.

In this interview Doug talks in great detail, not only about the unique circumstances of Lake Amatitlan and its contamination, but also breaks down the scientific side that explains the technological solutions for its decontamination and the ingenious plan to break down previous decades of sludge on the floor of the lake to bio-digest into methane which can then be harvested as a fuel source to power the machines that do the brunt of the work. This is a great interview for those of you who really get into the details and the science of water regeneration and we even talk about upcycling option for plastic and much more.


Revive Amatitlan website

Fundaeco Guatemala website

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