Introducing the Abundant Edge with host Oliver M Goshey: 001

Oliver M Goshey

Welcome to the very first episode of "The Abundant Edge." In this introductory episode I'll introduce the concept and motivation behind starting the podcast and introduce myself, Oliver Goshey, by explaining how I got interested in regenerative living practices and the journey I've gone through to get where I am as a natural builder and permaculture designer. 

As always, these episodes are meant to be a dialogue and conversation starter more than a lecture series. Especially in these early days of getting the podcast up and running I really appreciate feedback, comments, ideas, whatever. I want to hear from you! If you enjoyed this episode please share it with your friends or others who you think might benefit from the information and insights in these episodes. I'm looking forward to making these as useful and informative for everyone looking to make the world and our environment a better place.

Resources: is a fantastic site that allows you to connect to hosts all over the world who are practicing organic methods of farming and where you can trade your volunteer labor for education and room and board. 

Click in the "Projects" tab on the navigation bar above to see some of Oliver's previous natural building and regenerative landscape design projects. You can also click on the "Services" tab at the top of this page to see a full descriptions of how Abundant Edge can help you to achieve your dreams of living a regenerative lifestyle