The beauty and functionality of tadelakt and other earthen finishes with Liz Johndrow of Earthen Endeavors and The Pueblo Project

In this interview I speak with Liz Johndrow, founder of Earthen Endeavors and the Pueblo Project, about a ton of topics including how she got started in the building trades, the importance of including women in construction and design, tips and tricks with natural plasters, and much more. Liz is a world class natural builder and instructor with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I first met Liz when I assisted on her natural building course at "Atitlan Organics" in Guatemala in November of 2016, and was immediately impressed with her knowledge of indigenous building methods from central America and her focus on empowering women in the building trades. There are invaluable little nuggets of information all through this episode so be sure to catch this one. 



Oliver GosheyComment