Taking permaculture based businesses to new heights holistically with Erik Ohlsen of The Permaculture Skills Center: 033


In this episode I got to interview one of my personal heroes Erik Ohlsen. Now Erik wears a lot of hats, he's the founder and director of both Permaculture Artisans, a landscape and design company, and the Permaculture Skills Center, an amazing trade school based in sepastapol ca. Erik also writes and publishes books for adults and children with his company, Storyscapes.

In this interview Erik talks in detail about how he's built synergy and connection into all of his business endeavors. We talk about how he's designed the courses for the permaculture skills center to include mentoring and the profound effect that mentorships have had on his own journey, and we also get into the the skills that aspiring permaculturalists should work to build that aren't necessarily taught in a PDC. This session is chalk full of practical insights and advice

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