Get Ready for Season 2 of The Abundant Edge Podcast!

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Two big announcements! First off, season two of the abundant edge podcast will be kicking off on Friday Feb 2nd and we're starting off big with an interview from Mark Shepard, author of Restoration Agriculture and owner of New Forest Farm in Viola, WI. We've also got a whole lineup of great interviews with natural builders, permaculturalists and community organizers so I hope you're as excited as I am for a brand new year of regenerative solutions and examples from the most inspiring leaders and innovators in the regenerative economy.

Now as a new feature in the upcoming season, I'll be recording monthly episodes that I like to call the regenerative round table in which myself and the abundant edge team will answer questions that listeners have sent to us either through email or from the abundant edge facebook page. This is your chance to have your questions and concerns answered directly by our own team of experienced regenerative workers, so send us your questions either to or you can message us on the Abundant Edge podcast facebook page.

Now my second big announcement is for all of you who are looking to dive deeper into permaculture and regenerative living. Paul Wheaton of permies and will be hosting three incredible courses on his own homestead of “Wheaton Labs” in Missoula, MT. The first is their flagship Homesteaders PDC taught by Alan Booker and a whole slew of guest instructors including Paul Wheaton and Chris McClellan who've both been featured on our podcast in the last season. This is the perfect training experience for those of you who've already studied permaculture quite a bit and want to skip a lot of the basics and introduction stuff that most PDCs are heavy on.

The second course is the Appropriate Technology Course which is the class I wish had been avaialble when I was first getting started as a natural builder. They've consolidated tons of natural building, regenerative utility system, and resource management knowledge into a 12 day intensive taught by Chris “Uncle Mud” McClellan. They cover everything from rocket and pyrolysis stoves, various uses of solar energy, humanure composting, graywater use, biofiltration, human powered devices and much more. I highly recommend this one.

Lastly, for all of you who are just getting started in permaculture and want to save a bunch of money on the tuition of a regular PDC, they're now offering a “peasant” PDC for beginners to get tons of practical experience at a much discounted cost. So for those of you who are rich in time but tight on funds, this five week, $550 course is the perfect way to gain experience and knowledge.

Right now they're offering their early bird special, but these discounted prices are temporary so don't hesitate. You can also save significantly when you sign up for both the Homesteaders PDC and Appropriate Technology Course together. Follow the links bellow and be sure to tell them that Abundant Edge sent you.

Best of luck in your regenerative learning this year and I look forward to reading your questions and comments on the podcast in the upcoming season.


Oliver Goshey