Promoting permaculture knowledge and environmental activism with Hannah Eckberg of Permaculture Magazine of North America: 023

My guest today is Hannah Eckberg. Along with being the co-founder, editor and creative director of Permaculture Magazine of North America, she has also been the president of “get oil out” which was recognized as the US's first grass roots activist organization when she was only 19 and also the United Hemp council promoting the agricultural and environmental benefits of hemp. As a self described “optimizer” she is always looking for ways to make things better and look at them from different view points.

In this interview, Hannah talks about her experiences and lessons as grass roots organizer, and now as an editor how she's helping to promote positive voices for change and regeneration in the permaculture community and beyond. She also gives invaluable advice on how to make a difference in community organization and empowerment.

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