Kicking off our demo farm and finding the "abundant edge" with Jeremy Fellows: 039

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I'm really excited for today's episode because I get to talk to a close friend of mine, Jeremy Fellows. Now Jeremy has been studying and working in permaculture for ten years and has tons of experience in botany, horticulture and soil science. He and I actually first met when we were hired to collaborate on a project for a client here in Guatemala and we've been friends ever since and have continued to work on lots of other projects. All this has lead up to the collaboration that he and I have with another team member of ours, Neal Hegarty, on a small regenerative demonstration farm that we just broke ground on recently.

In this interview Jeremy and I talk a lot about how the farm was designed to prioritize water and soil management as well as biodiversity while making a much better than average profit when compared to other small-holding farms in the region. I also let Jeremy geek out on aquatic food systems, climate resilience, land conservation vs regenerative management and tons more. He even talks in detail about how he designed much of the incredible landscape at the Yoga Forest, a retreat center located in a really challenging location.

Before I turn things over to Jeremy I just want to give a heads up that there will be more information on the first ever Abundant Edge complete Permaculture Design Course starting in January so stick around for that at the end and check out the links in the show notes when you're done.

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The Yoga Forest

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