Lessons learned from both success and failure in a permaculture based business with Diego Footer of "Permaculture Voices:" Episode 015

My guest today has been one of my most inspiring forces in creating this podcast and working towards sharing my learning experiences with the larger community. His name is Diego Footer and he's the founder of Permaculture Voices. Through his business he puts out a world class podcast and youtube channel by the same name and sells books and online courses through the website. His broadcasts focus on his own journey in creating a permaculture landscape and garden on his property outside of San Diego CA, and wisdom he gains through the process. In our interview, Diego opens up about some of the early failures he had when first starting his business, what he learned from the experience, and some invaluable advice for entrepreneurs following a similar path. He also shed's light on some of the overlooked realities of developing businesses and permaculture landscapes that are often the reasons why people quit early. Grab your notebook for this one because there is enough information in our chat to fill a book.