A look at a multifaceted agrarian community revival initiative with Rachael Forster of Tamar Grow Local: 051

Tamar grow local market photo.jpg

Today I have a remarkable guest, Rachael Forster, who works with a cutting-edge non-profit organization called “Tamar Grow Local.” Normally I like to give an overview of the speaker and their projects and expertise before the start of an interview, but though I tried to do that, Rachael and Tamar Grow Local are both quite tricky to sum up. Their initiatives and goals in the community are very far reaching and intricate, but what I can say is that they’ve helped to make huge strides in promoting regenerative farming and market gardening in the Tamar valley, a historical farming region between Cornwall and Devon counties in the south west of England. With just a small team of five people, the organization is on the forefront of agricultural community re-invigoration. So rather than butchering the description, I’ll hand things over now to Rachael Forster who can explain everything much better.