How to live regeneratively without abandoning society with Scott Mann, host of "The Permaculture Podcast:" 058

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In keeping with my kick on finding new and unique ways to implement permaculture principles and design techniques in ways outside of just land management and natural building I’ve got an excellent guest for you today. You probably know Scott Mann as the host of “The Permaculture Podcast” the longest running podcast on permaculture which has been going strong for more than seven years now. In that time he has gained remarkable insights from some of the most prominent leaders and changemakers in the regenerative economy. Today I’ll be asking Scott about the changes that he’s made in his own lifestyle through his consumer habits, his daily routines and behavior, as well as his interactions with his community and environment. We talk in depth about how abandoning society and moving to the country is often not as effective a form of living regeneratively as you might think. We discuss how to avoid the burnout that can come from too many ethical dilemmas which arise from living in a destructive social system and a few of the many steps that you can use to overcome the stress. We also touch on some practical advice on how to make your money count in a consumer environment with so many destructive options. This is a great episode for those of you listeners who love your locations and jobs, but want to take steps towards healthier, more holistic living, without a huge upheaval and abandoning everything.


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