The Abundant Edge Podcast wants to hear from you!


We have an awesome lineup of guests and experts that we'll be interviewing including kicking off the season with Mark Sheppard, one of the foremost pioneers of restoration agriculture and agroforestry. We've also got Ted Brinegar of Foxhole homes, Christy Hemenway of goldstar bees, Peter McCoy of Radical Mycology, Rachael Forster of Tamar Grow Local and those are just a few of the ones that have already been recorded! 
Even more important than the guests on the show though is YOU. More than ever before I want to hear from you and help you with the questions, problems and challenges that YOU have, and that's why we've set up the abundant edge podcast facebook page to give you easier access to the team here at abundant edge. There you can post questions and comments either directly on the page or as a private message and we'll answer them for you on our new monthly segement that we all “the regenerative round table.” Once a month we'll get the team together and maybe even a special guest or two, and we'll discuss your questions and comments to shed light on them from a professional perspective. I've put the link to the facebook page on the show notes of this episode but you can also find it by just searching the name on FB. I'm really looking forward to hearing from all of you listeners and helping you get your questions answered since you've all been such a huge inspiration to me and the team over the last season. 
Lastly, I'd like to make a call to all Spanish speaking regenerative workers, permaculturalists and natural builders. In the upcoming season we'll be interviewing and highlighting more incredible innovators from around the world and as a first step we'll be publishing more interviews and episodes in Spanish, so if you are a spanish speaker or know of someone in the regenerative living world who is, please have them contact us at so we can feature them and their important work on the podcast. Y si, nos pueden escribir en espanol. Todos nosotros lo hablamos bastante bien aunque hacemos erores de ves en cuando. Nos emociona mucho de aprender mas de lo que ustedes hacen para mejorar el mundo
So stay tuned for more important announcements in the lead up to the launch of season two on February 2. Until then, I hope all of you have an incredible and regenerative start to your new year


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