The balance between diversity and efficiency on your permaculture farm, with Shad Qudsi of Atitlan Organics: 066

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Here we are again with one of my favorite guests, Shad Qudsi. Shad has been a good friend and mentor to me and our team at Abundant Edge for years now and is the Founder of Atitlan Organics, a profitable permaculture farm and education center here on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. If you’d like to hear more from Shad and his path to permaculture farming in Guatemala you can always check out our previous interview from season one in the link in the show notes for this episode. I’ve invited Shad back today to help us tackle some of the most pressing questions and concerns that I hear addressed on our facebook page and on-line forums for permaculture farmers.

In this interview we speak from our own experiences and context about finding the balance between farm diversity and efficiency. We also go in depth on the often-neglected subject on lifestyle around your farm and how to prevent your plant and animal-based enterprises from trapping you in a cycle of constant maintenance and preventing you from living the life you want. The modern context of regenerative farming comes with a lot of advantages but also limitations if you’re not clear about the life you want to live around farming. I hope this is a discussion that many of you listeners will feel compelled to jump in on. Every context is a bit different and I look forward to hearing your take on the topic. You can always write to us on the abundant edge facebook page or email us directly at Now I’ll hand things over to Shad


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Our first interview with Shad from season 1