The definitive guide to no-till organic farming part 2, with Andrew Mefferd, author of “The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution”: 106

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Welcome back to the definitive guide to no-till organic gardening. In this session we’ll pick up where we left off with Andrew Mefferd, editor of “Growing for Market Magazine” and the author of “The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution.” In last week’s episode we talked mostly about Andrew’s journey into farming and research of no-till market production methods after identifying the principle problems of tillage and the damaging effects on soil health that it’s had worldwide.

In this session we’ll jump straight into the four methods of no-till mulching that the different farms that are profiled in the book are using successfully as well as the pros and cons of each technique. Andrew discusses the importance of identifying the context of your place and intentions before choosing which technique to follow as well. Be sure to go back and listen to the first episode in this series to hear about Andrew’s background and experiences to get you caught up for this episode if you haven’t done that yet. Once again now I’ll hand things over to Andrew


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