The key to client attraction for your permaculture design business with Pete Widin of Artisan Environments LLC: 031

My guest today is Pete Widin, founder and owner of Artisan Environments, LLC and the creator of The Professional Permaculture Designer online course . I reached out to Pete after reading an article he wrote for my friend William Horvath's page Permaculture Apprentice in which he wrote about some of his best tips and strategies for attracting your ideal clients for a permaculture design business. Now I know that a lot of my listeners and permaculture enthusiasts out there have taken their Permaculture Design course and have stalled because they're not sure how to use their new skills to create a business or an income, and that's why I got in contact with Pete.

In this interview Pete talks in depth about how he transitioned from a masters in landscape architecture and built up a client base of wonderful and enthusiastic individuals that were passionate about his design services. He also talks about some of his favorite tactics for finding new clients when your business is just starting out, and the importance of finding your niche within the broad world of permaculture. Make sure to listen all the way to the end where Pete introduces his free course for those of you who want to learn in depth about building your client base for your design services.


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