Demystifying home-made bread and mythbusting gluten with Victoria Miller, author of "From No-Knead to Sourdough: 065

From No-Knead to Sourdough.jpg

Bread has been a passion of mine for years. Ever since we tried making it for ourselves when I worked on trail crews in the national parks I’ve been fascinated by how much better tasting home made bread is compared to the majority of whats available on supermarket shelves. I eventually worked as a baker for a small artisan bakery in Seattle and have been making my own bread for years now and even building earthen ovens to bake in, so this interview with Victoria Redhed Miller, author of the new book, “From no-knead to sourdough: A simpler approach to handmade bread,” was really exciting for me.

In this interview we start with a brief history of how we got from home-made bread in every household, to wonder-bread and factory produced, pre-sliced loaves. Victoria walks us through the whole process starting from selecting flours and mixing ingredients all the way to finished bread fresh from the oven. We also go in depth on the topic of gluten and why many people’s aversion to this simple protein might be unfounded.  This is another information dense interview so grab your notebooks and I’ll turn things over to Victoria.


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