The unique beauty and challenges of domes, with Kelly Hart author of "The Essential Earthbag Construction:" 059


My guest today is Kelly Hart, author of Earthbag building which is part of the “essentials series on natural building put out by New Society Publishers. He is also the founder of,,, and a few others. Today we tackle one of the most constant questions that I get asked as a natural builder and that I hear the most debate over in online forums and that’s the subject of domes and their advantages and disadvantages.

Kelly shares wonderful insights from building earthbag domes and living in one for many years. We both share our own stories of successes and challenges in building and living in domes and Kelly gives sound advice on how to avoid leaks and other problems.

We also get into the topic of how living in a natural home can have a profound effect on your lifestyle and some of the simple habits that you can change to make the biggest positive impact towards a regenerative lifestyle.


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