Advanced Permaculture Course




Are you ready to take your permaculture design skills to the next level? Looking to start a farm or regenerative enterprise? Want to take your farm or social enterprise a new place? 

In this unique course, brought to you by four of the best Permaculture enterprises in Central America, we will be sharing the secrets of how to apply the permaculture principles to bring about real transformation in your life and business.

This advanced course is intended for people who already have experience and training in permaculture, but who want to develop truly regenerative farms, design firms and social projects.



This unique collaboration between Abundant Edge, Caoba Farms, Finca El Por Venir, and Atitlan Organics is truly one-of-a-kind! As some of the most cutting edge regenerative farming enterprises in Central America, the combined knowledge and experience of these four farms will take your Permaculture game to the next level. Course leaders include Alex Kronic, founder of Caoba Farms and one of leading bio-intensive market gardeners in Central America; Laurent Maniet, founder of Finca El Por Venir and one of the Americas' leading tropical agroforestry practitioners; and Neal Hegarty, Oliver Goshey, and Jeremy Fellows, all certified Atitlan Organics facilitators and founders of Abundant Edge, a cutting-edge regenerative design homestead and enterprise which focuses on the Permaculture design principles and natural building to help their clients make the transition to regenerative lifestyles.


Topics to be covered in our course include:


The Keys to Profitable Market Gardening:
·      Fertility and pest management
·     Integration of animals, crops and forest gardens
·      Seed saving and storing
·      Marketing and business strategies for a successful small farm business


The Secrets to Profitable Off-Grid Agroforestry:
·      Use of successional models to create a harmonic productive system
·      Key management techniques in agroforestry
·      Keys to energy management in an off-grid operation
·      Food production and value adding steps for your farm


Professional Permaculture Design and Consulting:
·      Advanced design methodologies for producing high quality holistic designs
·      Keys steps to building a brand and attracting clients
·      The scale of permanence and its use in holistic design
·      Diverse strategies for building resilience in your community and social Enterprises


This course is designed for Permaculture practitioners who have completed their Permaculture Design Certification and have at least 1 year experience. If you do not meet these recommendations but would nonetheless like to apply to the course, please make a note of that in your application, as well as why you are interested in the Advanced Permaculture Course.



Laurent is the founder of Finca El Por Venir and Dalileo Chocolates. He has designed the cacao forest agroforestry systems in place there, and has years of experience in productive sylvopasture and agroforestry. 



Alex is the founder of Caoba Farms,


This course brings together some of the best-of-the-best when it comes to Permaculture and sustainable, regenerative agrisystems. Not only are the facilitators leaders in their fields, they all have ample experience in designing and executing Permaculture-based regenerative enterprises. If you're wondering how you can take Permaculture from being a neat hobby to being a way to make a living, or if you'd like to enhance your current Permaculture-based project or enterprise, look no further!


Neal is from an Irish family with a background in dairy farming. He has worked in agricultural projects all over the world, including Australia and Colombia. He came to Guatemala four years ago and has been here ever since. Neal has worked as a facilitator for Atitlan Organics and is a co-founder, designer and consultant with Abundant Edge. He specializes in combining the teaching of permaculture with a focus on wider socio-political issues, and on encouraging students to develop new ways of thinking about old problems


Jeremy has focused ten years of study, mentorship and implementation on permaculture design systems and teaching modalities. With many years of experience in Botany, Horticulture and Soil science he is fascinated by the world of plants. After working many years in Guatemala Jeremy has dedicated his focus to land and water management systems that lend to ecological acceleration and social integration through food production.


Oliver is an accomplished natural builder and founder of Abundant Edge, a regenerative design and natural building company based in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Oliver is passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles that repair and advance ecosystems through symbiotic design and compassionate construction. Oliver is also the host of "The Abundant Edge" Podcast where he interviews leaders and change-makers in the worlds of permaculture, natural building, and regenerative living.

Dates for this course have not yet been confirmed so please contact us at for notifications when the dates are confirmed. We look forward to seeing you soon!