Natural materials allow for many more building options than industrial materials, and that's why you need a design team with experience working with the unique qualities and aesthetics of earth and raw materials.

We'll bring out the beauty in the unprocessed attributes of the materials at your site, while integrating the latest in energy saving and comfort enhancing techniques.


Our designers specialize in:

  • Curvilinear Spaces

  • Passive solar heating and cooling

  • Earth integrated structures for efficient climate control

  • Ecosystem integration

  • Off-grid energy systems

  • Natural resource management and recycling

  • Custom aesthetic features

    ...and much more!


We believe that any structure should fit like a glove for the people who'll be using it and facilitate the tasks and lifestyle of the inhabitants, while at the same time acting as an asset to the ecology of the site where it's placed. We cater to everyone hoping to live in harmony with the natural world, from those looking to live entirely off grid and self sustaining to those simply hoping to reduce their consumption and live healthier without sacrificing comfort and convenience. With a range of services from minor home remodels or outdoor kitchens and living spaces, to whole regenerative communities, we'll help you reach your goals of regenerative living.