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Are you ready to take your farm or other land based enterprise to the next level through permaculture methods and agroforestry models? Would you like to learn how to apply permaculture design principles to your business and consultancy? You've come to the right place!

In this unique course, brought to you by three of the best permaculture and ecological enterprises in Central America, we will be sharing the secrets of how to apply the permaculture principles to bring about real transformation in your life and business.

This advanced course is intended for people who already have experience and training in farming, permaculture, or ecological consultancy but who want to take the next step forward to develop truly regenerative farms, design firms and social projects.


Topics to be covered in this course include:

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The Keys to Profitable Market Gardening:

  • Fertility and pest management

  • Integration of animals, crops and forest gardens

  • Seed saving and storing and bio-intensive farming methods

  • Marketing and business strategies for a successful small farm business

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The Secrets to Profitable Off-Grid Agroforestry:

  • Use of successional models to create a harmonic productive system

  • Key management techniques in agroforestry

  • Keys to energy management in an off-grid operation

  • Food production and value adding steps for your farm

  • Disaster mitigation and land stabilization techniques through natural methods


course schedule

Day 1

Shuttle picks people up in Antigua hostel at 0800

½ day farm tour with Alex at Caoba Farms


Seed saving and plant propagation practical

Lecture on the importance of community in your business model


Day 2

Shuttle to Paramos leaves at 0800

½ day tour and systems explanation

BBQ lunch at Paramos

Fertility building practical (bokashi)

Bio-intensive farming lecture (back at Caoba)


Day 3

Bus to Finca Porvenir leaves early from the hostel

Lunch stop on the road

Welcome and settling into the finca. Dinner etc.


Day 4

½ day farm tour and systems explanations

More in depth explanation of systems in a classroom setting

Classroom lecture on regenerative design


Day 5


½ day practical planting cacao and cardamom (cardamom planting/reproduction of select cacao from the nursery, how to graft, go out and plant, explanation of varieties and history of cacao)

Classroom lecture on disaster mitigation in a landscape w/ small practical


Day 6

Field-trip to ricemill w/biochar production (vanilla, pepper, agroforestry setup)

Farm infrastructure tour and maximizing efficiency of off-grid systems

Processes of cacao, cardamom benefico

Chocolate tour

Access to market and value-added processes


Day 7

Transport back to Antigua

This course is designed to give you all the information you need to get your own ecological farming enterprise off the ground, whether you have access to a lot of land out in a rural area, or a small plot in the city or suburbs. The practical knowledge from business owners and designers who have the experience and results to guide you through the necessary steps is an invaluable way to avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks that can trip you up.

course start and arrival dates

The shuttle picks the students up from Hostal Antigueno at 8am on Sat the 2nd of February 2019.  The night before the class begins, 2 Feb, is included in the cost of the class.  


The last day of the class is Friday 8th of Feb. The bus from Fince El Porvenir will drop students off in the center of Antigua in the evening. The night of the 8th of Feb is NOT included in the cost of the class as the class finishes on arrival to Antigua





Laurent is the founder of Finca El Por Venir and Dalileo Chocolates. He has designed the cacao forest agroforestry systems in place there over more than a decade and is passionate about preserving the heritage breeds of cacao that are native to Guatemala and Central America. Lorenzo also draws from his years of experience in productive sylvopasture and agroforestry. 



Alex founded Caoba Farms in 2004 and has grown the small 3 acre farm to produce more than 100 varieties of organic produce commercially. He was born in Guatemala but lived many years in Colorado and California and has managed sustainable farms for more than 14 years. With an entrepreneurial background he demonstrated how farming is connected to community and education by creating diverse systems which create income for many people. Caoba farms focuses on two main areas: bio-intensive methods to maximize yields in small spaces while maintaining healthy soil fertility, and the importance of storing and saving seeds in an ever changing world economy for the benefit of the community and future generations. His new endeavors on his farm in Paramos are looking to expand on the successes of Caoba in a more rural environment by implementing extensive agroforestry systems as well as annual crop production.

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Oliver is an accomplished natural builder and founder of Abundant Edge, a regenerative design and natural building company based in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Oliver is passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles that repair and advance ecosystems through symbiotic design and compassionate construction. Oliver is also the host of "The Abundant Edge" Podcast where he interviews leaders and change-makers in the worlds of permaculture, natural building, and regenerative living.


At finca el porvenir

In Antigua

The course will begin at Hostal Antigueno where the shuttle to Caoba Farms will pick everyone up to start the lessons. All meals aside from lunches will be served at the hostel. Three nights accommodation are included in the basic tuition for the course.

1a Calle Oriente No.15
La Antigua Guatemala
+(502) 3037-0025


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