Introduction to Permaculture


This intensive weeklong course is meant to provide participants with a solid foundation in permaculture design and practical techniques to begin experimenting on their own, in their own climate. Essentially a full PDC, the intro to permaculture is distilled down to the most essential parts, about one third of the course is lecture, group discussions, and other class activities. Another third is hands-on practical work that demonstrates effective techniques for alternative living. And the last third is dedicated to field visits and trips around the lake to connect with local farmers, explore the area, and truly see the permaculture principles in action.

Dive into the world of permaculture with our team of experienced farmers and designers here in Tzununa, Guatemala

There are literally hundreds of definitions of permaculture and as far as we are concerned, they are ALL VALID. While we spend a lot of time in the garden and working in nature, permaculture is applicable to all aspects of life and is more of a design science which we teach through landscape and ecosystem management. A more technical approach to permaculture suggests that we mimic nature and natural patterns to design and implement ecosystems that meet our collective needs. A deeper definition considers the whole of human culture and suggests that permaculture is a tool for designing new ecological culture, considering the whole of the earth in all of its strategies. 

Seed saving at the Abundant Edge farm

Seed saving at the Abundant Edge farm

We're thrilled to be facilitating another season of "Intro to Permaculture" courses lead by Shad Qudsi and Atitlan Organics

Meet the instructors

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Shad qudsi: cofounder of atitlan organics

Shad Qudsi has 15 years experience in organic and commercial gardening and farming. He is certified in Permaculture Design and has over 6 years experience in holistic site development and homesteading. Shad originally set out to study mathematics and work in big business, but long ago had a change of heart. He can now be found dancing in his garden in Tzununa. Aside from all of this, Shad is an enthusiastic teacher who truly believes in the work he is doing. Human resiliency cannot be erased from the landscape and now, it is coming back with a gentle loving caress.


neal hegarty: cofounder of abundant edge

Neal Hegarty is from an Irish family with a background in dairy farming. He has worked in agricultural projects all over the world, including Australia and Colombia. He came to Guatemala four years ago to study write a thesis on the relationship between permaculture and traditional agricultural practices of the Mayan people. He has been here since and now works as a facilitator for Atitlan Organics and as a designer and consultant for Abundant Edge. He specializes in combining the teaching of permaculture with a focus on wider socio-political issues, and on encouraging students to develop new ways of thinking about old problems. His interests include gardening, music, philosophy, cooking and laughing.


The price includes three meals a day, plus snacks, coffee/tea, and dessert, as well as shared lodging, all at the swanky Bambu Guest House.

let us know if you have any questions. Our team is always happy to help out!

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