Permaculture Design Certification


Jan 18-Feb 2, 2018

Explore your vision for a harmonious and healthy planet through the lens of Permaculture. 


What You'll Learn

Agroforestry systems

  • Hardwoods canopy & shade

  • Cacao & cardamom systems

  • Sylvopasture

Mushrooms, Fungi, mycélium

  • Reproduction & symbiosis

  • Collaboration with Fungi Academy

  • Uses within ecology

Off the grid living

  • Hydro/solar generation

  • Food forest/herbs

  • Livestock

  • Food transformation


  • Ecosystem design

  • Soil Chemistry/regeneration

  • Water management

  • Compost tea brewing

  • Biochar

Bees, honey, fermentation

  • Beekeeping, honey, pollen, royal jelly

  • Mead

  • Collaboration by JB strongbee

Natural building

  • Mixing cob & adobe
  • Foundations
  • Finish plaster

... and much more!

Hosted by:  "EL Porvenir" cacao farm

El Porvenir, is hidden on a mountain called Jolomijix (head of the Jaguar in local Keq chi) near a Mayan village in the state of Alta Verapaz. Once an abandoned coffee farm, El Porvenir now grows cacao in the shade of reforested trees, actively regenerating the land and allowing the rainforest to maintain it’s own natural cycles while they grow and harvest our cacao.

Porvenir Cacao Farm

Along with being a full 72 hr permaculture design certification course this is a complete immersion in the ceremonial cacao/fine chocolate world and the work we do will also help to increase the food production capacity for the farm's nutrition program.


Learn essential skills

This course is taught in an ideal setting where, not only will you be able to see an incredible example of a working and profitable cacao operation and silvopasture setup, but you'll interact and work on the systems behind it's success. 

Cacao Graphic

Get certified

The permaculture design certificate is your ticket to making real change in regenerating your ecosystem while providing abundant nutritious food. The design concepts also go far beyond land applications and will transform the way you interact with the world for the better. 

Meet the Instructors

Neal Hegarty

Neal Hegarty is originally from Ireland. He grew up on a dairy farm and has been around animals all his life. He studied agriculture in Ireland and has worked as a permaculturist for the past 10 years in Antigua. During his weekends he helps families to start permaculture gardens. Neil runs the volunteers every day at Atitlan Organics, a sustainable and profitable permaculture farm in Tzununa on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. He has worked extensively on international development projects and on private landscape development endeavors in Guatemala.

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Jeremy Fellows

Jeremy Fellows has focused ten years of study, mentorship and implementation on permaculture design systems and teaching modalities. With many years of experience in Botany, Horticulture and Soil science he is fascinated by the world of plants. After working many years in Guatemala Jeremy has dedicated his focus to land and water management systems that lend to ecological acceleration and social integration through food production.

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Oliver Goshey

Oliver M Goshey is an accomplished natural builder who has worked in eleven countries on six continents. After six years of working in the industrial building trades and as a maritime engineer, he apprenticed with the Cob Cottage Company, specializing in cob and earthen plasters and finishes. Abundant Edge is his culmination of years of passionate research, travel, and experimentation with earthen building materials and regenerative design techniques. Oliver is also passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles that repair and advance ecosystems through holistic design and compassionate construction.

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The event has passed, check back soon for the next one!