Our unique approach to landscape design and building utilizes permaculture methods to coax the ecology on your site into abundance and resilience.

Whether your goals are rainwater harvesting, native species preservation, food production, or simply a beautiful garden to enjoy, we can help you to grow your dream space. We emphasize land management techniques that also benefit the local ecology.

We are skilled in implementing:

  • Food Forests

  • Water harvesting with contour swales and ponds

  • Soil building and heavy mulch application

  • Native species preservation

  • Wildlife habitat restoration

We never use chemical pesticides or fertilizers, favoring tools and methods that promote a balance of life and symbiotic relationships on your land. At Abundant Edge we know that a healthy landscape begins with healthy soil. From there we take a holistic approach to water management, plant cultivation, companion planting, beneficial life forms, and closed loop processes, all geared toward building resilient and thriving ecosystems.