Mango Orchard Adobe House


Between Feb and April 2016 Abundant Edge's local Senegalese team got to build the adobe walls for a private residence on a Mango orchard just outside of Yene Tod, Senegal. Using local adobe techniques, our team was tasked with the challenge to integrate the earthen brick walls within a pre-existing steel frame work. Oliver Goshey worked closely with Bas Van Der Pol of "Het Element A" architecture to convert the original plans from cement to adobe walls. The local crew worked carefully to attach the adobe to the interior concrete walls for the bathrooms.

Ventilation channels were built above the main door frames facilitate interior air flow. Faux ventilation channels were carved into the upper exterior walls as an aesthetic feature. The adobe walls were carefully constructed around the existing steel structure to best assimilate the two materials and to minimize cosmetic cracking in the finish. The client also wanted to lay tile on all the interior walls in the bathroom so those walls were made from cement. To avoid the water erosion that occurs when earthen and cement walls meet, a three centimeter space was left between the adobe and cement walls with an opening at the top that allows air to ventilate the space. The adobe walls were finished in a clay based plaster made mostly from soil on site.