Banawang House


Between September of 2014 and April 2015 Abundant Edge accepted its first project to build in the the town of Bagac on the Bataan peninsula in the Philippines. After doing some consulting and design work for the client, Oliver Goshey traveled to the Philippines to start the first cob house. Working on a small 1,700 ft plot of land, plans had to take into account many factors including seismic activity, substantial hurricane seasons, passive solar cooling, all while best utilizing the small space. The round house that was designed was intended to be comfortable for two people while creating a gradient between outdoor and indoor space so that the small space feels larger and incorporates resources from outdoors.

The roof was designed to have large eaves that help to protect and shade the cob walls in the typhoon season and also catch and store rain water for use in the dry season. The thick cob walls are intended to keep interior temperatures cool by regulating the temperature swings with their thermal mass. The foundation incorporated a gravel drainage trench below it to remove any standing rain water away from the building. The balcony on the second level extends the living space of the bedroom and helps to shield and shade the walls below it. The plumbing is connected to the municipal water supply but has a valve that allows the system to switch to using stored rainwater when the water barrels are full. Grey water that drains from the sinks and the shower is diverted to filtration gardens that purify the water and make it available for garden irrigation. The composting dry toilet turns humanure into usable compost for the garden as well. The overall vision of the project was to build an aesthetically pleasing home that serves as an example for regenerative living practices where the inhabitants can be a self reliant as possible. The natural resources in this area of the Philippines offers as many gifts as it does challenges and hopefully one day this house will be an example of how the gifts can be used to create abundance and the challenges can be converted into advantages. See further up the list for updated finish photos