Goslinga Guest House


Between February and April 2016 our Sengalese team, led by Oliver Goshey, built a cob guest house for Mieke and Wiebe Goslinga in Yene Kao, Senegal. Working closely with Roos Limburg, head architect at Studio Placemakers, the small house was designed to be a comfortable vacation cottage for Micke and Wiebe, and others who visited Yene Kao to collaborate with Studio Placemakers. Oliver Goshey and the Senegalese crew, (who were trained during the previous Yene Kao cob house project) built the cob guest house, in under two months.

The sub foundation are made of recycled tires rammed with gravel, and the upper foundation and bathroom wall are made of mortared local volcanic stone. The walls are made of cob and finished with clay plaster. We were fortunate to have access to such great clay soil on site; most of the material for the cob walls came from the excavation of the foundation and septic tank. Custom stone work was done for a beautiful finish for the bathroom shower space, and the water system is designed to accommodate a solar hot water supply. The electrical system will eventually be supplied by solar panels, but for now runs off municipal supply. The roof is made of eucalyptus poles and hand woven thatch which keeps the interior space much cooler than conventional corrugated steel or a cement ceiling. The northeast facing veranda stays cool and shaded all day after receiving a few hours of warming sun in the cool mornings. The design is intended to function like a one room apartment unit in it's efficiency and could be easily replicated and customized for a different location.