Hans & Roos' House


Between December 2015 and February 2016 Hans Goslinga and Roos Limburg hosted a cob building workshop on their land in Yene Kao, Senegal. Yene Kao is a quickly growing pre-urban environment located on the Atlantic coast just outside of the southern suburbs of Dakar.

Oliver Goshey acted as an assistant teacher with Claudine Desire of “Cruisin Cob Global” and taught the basics of cob wall construction to 17 students, both from Senegal and all over the world. At the end of the workshop Oliver continued on as the project contractor leading the Senegalese students to finish the house.

The building, designed by Roos Limburg, is intended to be a residence for her and Hans, as well as a base for their NGO, Studio Placemakers, which designs and builds community driven public space projects.

The house consists of a four room floor plan with a large veranda and separated bathroom. The double roof system allows air flow between the bottom and top roofs to maximize cooling. Ventilation ports in the back wall aid in air circulation while maintaining privacy from the road behind the house. The bathroom and kitchen are connected to a gray water filtration garden and the dry toilet produces humanure compost. The foundation is made of recycled tires filled with gravel and laterite (rough volcanic clay), then covered with wire mesh and stucco.

Each step of the construction and finish work was completed by local and international students who learned this technique for the first time. Some of the local students have already gone on to start natural building projects of their own with the new skills they learned.