Rocket Oven Prototype


Between Nov. and February, one of the side projects I worked on was developing a clean burning and efficient oven out of natural materials. I was inspired by the designs of "Organic Motion" to use rocket stove technology to increase the fuel efficiency of conventional cob ovens and still keep the materials and technical know-how simple enough that it would be easy for most people to build. I built the first prototype for Charlie Rendall at his place in San Marcos, Guatemala and it worked really well! From the success of the first oven I was hired by a neighbor to build another one. I used that opportunity to make some minor adjustments such as extending the heat riser and making the build process more simple and streamlined. These are the pictures from the first prototype and the second professional build. I plan on releasing an instructional e-book soon that anyone can use to get the same results. If you want to stay updated on when the manual comes out, click here to subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter for regular news and releases.