Welcome to the Abundant Edge. Here you'll find everything you need to transition into a regenerative lifestyle


Abundant Edge is:

...an ever-growing group of builders, designers, and artisans who are committed to creating a regenerative future through their crafts. We are optimists in our visions and pragmatists in our work, who value customization through collaboration and excellence through elegant design.

Our Mission is:

...to create beautiful and healthy living environments that perfectly fit the needs, wants, and goals of our clients while also working to improve the environment we all share. We believe that building an abundant future for you can include steps to an abundant future for all life on this planet. With whatever step you want to take towards a healthier, regenerative lifestyle, we're here to help

The name Abundant Edge is based on the “Edge Effect,” an ecological phenomenon describing the abundance of life that results in places where two or more environments converge. These edges include species from both environments as well as species that only live in these transition zones, essentially making these dynamic spaces greater than the sum of their parts. That is what we hope to be, the “abundant edge” where the natural world and the built world meet, where the comfort and convenience of the modern world can exist in a way that benefits the natural environment and even helps it to regenerate. Our goal is to marry the advantages of human achievement, and Mother Nature's resilience and beauty for the betterment of our species and the world we live in. We're an organization of builders, designers, artists, and craftsmen who look toward a future of balance between human existence and a healthy planet. We're confident that humanity's best days are yet to come, but to get there we must take care of the world that supports us.